Packing Tips

Transworld Relocation India is very professional company has effective techniques and skills of loading and unloading to guarantee the protection and safety of your household product and goods. Our skilled and well trained staffs are well equipped to support you with a quantity of packing instructions that should be measured when shifting the house.

  • Strategy & planning: all goods and objects should be planned according to worth. Valuable substance should be positioned in one large room and load first. Do not rush to load objects in random unmethodical behavior.
  • Packaging & tools: In a particular area get every accessories and equipments like boxes cutters, ribbon etc to keep time for packing and moving. Start with your valuables and easily broken objects first. Then carefully load them next to a wall equipped for loading.
  • Cartons & boxes: use well-built board carton and Boxes lined with bubbles if possible. If foam isn’t available line with sufficient insulation substance likes plastic bubble sheet or even paper. Protected boxes strongly with huge width tape. Tag every container of its contents.
  • Check for insurance: Your packing & moving service will have transport insurance.
  • Vehicles: transportation vehicles should be insulated and built-in with objects to avoid shock and jerk. Trucks have every such type of features’.
  • Transportation safety and support: your rearrangement services should have representative driver or a protection guard supplementary the vehicle.
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