Packing Material

The right choice of covering material is of very important when packing for residence moving and business rearrangement. Transworld Relocation India use the newest techniques, gadget and devices of worldwide standards for packaging and control in vehicles.

  • Metallic containers & inexpressive Crates: used for covering appliance like chimney, refrigerators, and wash machines.
  • Combination & updated Safety Locks: Containers are protected with efficient locking system
  • Trucking cube: metal cube for control of luxurious appliance and valuables
  • Foam covering for Electronics: foam insulates container and boxes for LCDs LEDs computer and electronic products.
  • Weather defense packaging: containers and cover motor vehicle and trucks provide sufficient security from harsh weather conditions fundamentals such as of trash dust and rainfall.
  • Insulated & carpeted trucks: to avoid shock and scratch from pointed jerky actions.
  • Custom-made Plant carrier: specifically planned carrier for reason of transport plants.
  • T-corners: T corners are fixed on box and containers goods to keep any sharp corner from being injured.
  • Safety Belts: Safety belts used for protected all possessions tightly in place
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